Sunday, November 6, 2016


(I saw an internet meme similar to this and I thought I would expand on it. I tried to find it again but with all the election stuff going on it proved difficult.)


Joey: I can’t believe Donald Trump is thinking about running for President.  What is our country coming to when men like him are having their names seriously considered?

Bobby: Joey, you worry too much man!  He said he was going to run both  2012 and way back in 2000. Nothing ever came of it.  He is just trying to promote viewers for his dippy TV show.  Have a little more faith in America.


 Joey: He’s doing it, he is actually doing it! Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination.  He even seems to have a large following.

Bobby: So we have a bunch of over excited Apprentice fans.  Trump is clown.  Did you see him in the debates when talking about his hands? He is an exposed fool and is going nowhere.

"Big Hands"


Joey: This election is getting very tight.  He bombed the debates but he isn’t slowing down.  I was originally going to vote for Stein because I couldn’t vote for Sanders.  But I think I have to vote for Hilary now, I don’t want Trump.

Bobby: Look at the polls, Trump doesn’t stand a chance.  He is going to get his butt handed to him.  I refused to be scared to vote for a candidate that I don’t really like.  We need to vote our values, Trump won’t win anyway.  Look at the polls. 

Keeps talking even if it isn't his turn.


Joey: I don’t like what’s going on here it’s like the President is in pissing contest with other world leaders.  In his last speech he says he’ll fire the nukes if he doesn’t get compliance.  President Trump said the he will fire the nukes!

Bobby: President Trump may be a jerk but he is not insane.  He is just talking tough.  Everyone knows how bad it would be if he were serious.  No one is nuking anyone.



Joey: I thought living under a nuclear winter was bad, barley any sunlight and always food shortages.   But now we have nuclear mutated talking giant lizards.  Those lizards are smart.  I can’t believe not only are we fighting for our existence but it looks like we may no longer be the top species on the planet!    

Bobby: Last we’re going to do is take orders from giant lizards who just learned to talk!  We’re humans we’ll get through this.  We may have messed up a lot of things but we’ll always have our freedom for this planet is ours!


Joey: {crying}  
Bobby: Joey, lighten up.  I’m glad you got here early I need some help cheering everyone up.  Now listen guys there are a lot of nasty rumors floating around.  So I want to make some things very clear.  I know my Giant Lizard Master loves me.  As I am sure yours loves you.  They would never do anything to hurt us.  That is why they have a veterinarian for humans, to take care of us.  Now I know our Lizard overlords would never castrate us in order to keep our population under control.  That is not what a loving master does.  Our masters need there workers reproducing.  We have nothing to fear.  Joey you were the first one here this morning tell we have nothing to fear.

Joey: {cries harder} I should have voted for Hillary.
Your Lizard Master!

On Tuesday go out and vote for Hillary Clinton.  In doing this you will save humanity, and if your a guy, also your balls. 

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